In January 2013, Matson expanded its presence in the Pacific with a new South Pacific service. Matson’s service offerings include the core trade lanes from New Zealand and Australia to the island nations of Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, American Samoa, Cook Islands, Niue, and Nauru. In addition, Matson offers service from the U.S. West Coast and Hawaii to American Samoa, Samoa and Tahiti.

Historically, Matson vessels, including both freighters and luxury passenger ships, served the South Pacific for five decades, beginning in the 1920s. The company is proud to have returned to the South Pacific and provide the same level of superior customer service and on-time delivery that has distinguished Matson as a leading carrier in the Pacific serving island economies for more than 135 years.

Our service is focused on providing reliable, on-time arrivals for these islands that rely on ocean transportation services to support their economies. We are committed to delivering the high level service that is synonymous with Matson in the Pacific.

Matson South Pacific Limited

Matson South Pacific Limited is a market leader in cargo transportation in the Pacific with comprehensive sailing schedules covering a multitude of ports throughout the Pacific. Schedules from the U.S. West Coast, Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand include:

  • Fiji: Lautoka and Suva
  • Samoa: Apia
  • American Samoa: Pago Pago
  • Cook Islands: Rarotonga and Aitutaki
  • Tonga: Nuku’alofa and Vava’u
  • Niue: Alofi
  • Republic of Nauru: Nauru
  • Solomon Islands: Honiara
  • Tahiti:  Papeete

Matson has offices or agents in each of these ports to support the shipping and trade activities of the nations they serve, including stevedoring and freight forwarding.

Matson South Pacific also operates its own freight depot based in South Auckland. Matson customers will enjoy a comprehensive freight solution for a wide array of freight needs, from shipping large break-bulk cargo for major construction projects to sending small crates, boxes and palletized goods to family members abroad. Matson LCL provides a complete freight forwarding service, incorporating pick up, consolidation and delivery of LCL and break bulk cargo for both personal and business customers. To determine what your needs are continue to read the information below pertaining to FCL, LCL and Break Bulk options.

MODE: FCL (Full Container Load)

One of the most common forms of shipping today is an FCL container load. We offer a fleet of multipurpose containers to carry both dry and refrigerated or frozen cargo:

  • 20′ & 40′ General Purpose Dry & Reefer Containers
  • 20′ & 40′ High Cube Dry & Reefer Containers Containers
  • 20′ & 40′ Open Top Dry Containers
  • 20′ & 40′ Flush Folding Flatracks
  • To view our container specifications please click here
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MODE: LCL (Less than Container Load)

LCL shipments are best suited to those who do not have enough cargo to fill a container.

Our Matson depot is a part of Matson South Pacific and is geared to provide an extensive range of freight forwarding services for both commercial and personal shippers. Matson offers a complete solution for your LCL requirements, incorporating pickup, consolidation, packing and sea freight.

  • To contact the team at our Matson depot please click here

MODE: Break Bulk

Our vessels enable us to offer a breakbulk or project cargo service. Typically, breakbulk cargo is overlength or overdimensional cargo which is unable to be containerized or does not suit containerization. Breakbulk cargo is either stowed on deck or in the vessel’s cargo hold.

Examples of breakbulk cargo include:

  • Timber Masterpacks
  • Machinery (cranes, excavators, forklifts)
  • Steel (Mesh, coils, beams, rebar, pipes)
  • Vehicles ( cars, trucks, 4×4)
  • Boats
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