Matson Navigation Company has been serving 夏威夷 since 1882 和 is recognized throughout the state as the Isl和s’ premier ocean carrier. Matson’s role in the economic development of 夏威夷 has been significant. Its famed passenger liners 和 Waikiki hotels were instrumental in the development of tourism in the beginning of the last century. 在1950年代, Matson revolutionized shipping services to 夏威夷 when it introduced containerization in the Pacific.

Today, Matson’s service to 夏威夷 is distinguished by the following features:

The 最好的服务频率 To 和 From the U.S. 大陆

  • Matson offers six arrivals from the West Coast to 夏威夷 every 14 days, more than any other carrier.
  • Our schedule includes twice weekly service from Northern California.
  • 来自南加州, 美森提供每周两次的服务, with direct sailings from 长滩 to 火奴鲁鲁 every Saturday 和 Wednesday.
  • In addition, Matson provides weekly Saturday departures from the Pacific Northwest.


马特森的频繁, reliable 日程安排 extend to each of the major ports of 夏威夷’s Neighbor Isl和s: Kahului毛伊岛; Nawiliwili, Kauai; 和 小矿脉Kawaihae 在夏威夷大岛. Service is also available to the isl和s of Molokai 和 Lanai.


Matson offers state-of-the-art customer support which simplifies the entire freight transportation process. 打一个免费电话, customers can quickly 和 easily obtain information pertaining to any aspect of doing business with Matson, 包括利率报价, 预订, 计费, 日程安排, 设备需求, shipment status 和 problem resolutions.


For added convenience, Matson offers a 在线虚拟中超下注app支持中心, allowing customers to utilize today’s technology to , track 和 h和le their shipment information needs. Through the use of customized 预订 templates, customers can complete a 预订 with a minimal amount of “clicks.” 货物跟踪 features allow customers to track the status of a container throughout its movement. 其他在线功能包括 账户余额信息, 关税, 船的时间表, 提交帐单指示, 检索开票单据. The site also gives customers the option of contacting an account specialist while online to assist with a transaction.

任何美国的多式联运服务.S. 原点backtop

In addition to our ocean transportation services, Matson is equipped to h和le any 内陆运输 moves needed to deliver your freight to any of our West Coast port facilities. 航运 with Matson allows you to simplify the transportation process by using one carrier to arrange the entire move to 夏威夷, 不管它的起源.


Matson can tailor a service that specifically fits your needs. In addition to our ocean transportation 和 customer support features, our offerings include specialized container equipment 和 electronic data interchange (EDI).

    This port-to-port service allows customers to deliver loaded containers to a convenient, efficient terminal 和 pick them up at the destination terminal. An approved equipment interchange agreement is required from your truck carrier to move Matson container equipment.
  • 店门服务
    In selected communities near Matson’s West Coast ports, Matson will arrange to deliver an empty container to the customer’s loading facility 和 pick it up when loaded.
  • 完整的联运服务
    For shipments originating from or destined to points beyond the West Coast, Matson can arrange the complete transportation from origin to destination using 连接铁路和/或卡车服务. Matson can move your 夏威夷 shipment to or from any point in the U.S. 或加拿大.
  • 滚装船,滚装船
    Service for non-container wheeled freight 和 trailers that can be rolled on 和 rolled off special vessels is available in Matson’s 夏威夷 Service between the West Coast ports of 长滩 和 奥克兰 和 the 夏威夷an ports of 火奴鲁鲁, Kahului, 和小矿脉.
  • 非集装箱货物运输
    Matson可以运输 freight that may not fit in a container, including over-sized vehicles or heavy machinery.
  • 车辆运输
    Matson carries thous和s of cars, trucks, buses, tractors every year. Vehicles are transported in specially designed auto frames, 在容器中, 或在安全的车库储存. 网上预定你的个人中超下注app托运.


Matson offers a wide variety of container types 和 sizes to meet the needs of our customers. 中超下注app的专业设备包括 flat-racks、专用底盘和 冷藏集装箱. Refrigerated containers are available with the following optional service:

    Matson will furnish 冷藏集装箱 specially equipped to use preservative gases. These containers use passive systems that introduce preservative gases into the container at the load port. We also will pay advance charges due suppliers of these gases subject to the collection of charges from the shipper or consignee.

Matson offers many other specialized services designed to meet our customers’ needs. For more information, please contact our Customer Service Center at:
1 - 800 - 4 -马特森 ()