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中超下注app的 多样化的舰队 features purpose-建 containerships, as well as combination container 和 roll-on, roll-off vessels 和 specially designed container barges. 美森的血管是美国.S. 建, 拥有并经营, which provides significant advantages in the integrated trade lanes of the company’s operations. Serving 夏威夷 continuously since 1882, Matson is uniquely experienced in carrying the wide range of commodities needed to support economies that rely on ocean transportation. 马特森的 reliable just-in-time service to 夏威夷, 阿拉斯加, 关岛, 密克罗尼西亚南中超下注app is a key component of the 分布 system allowing business customers to continually replenish inventories from 分布 centers on the U.S. 大陆.

中超下注app的 extended reach in the Pacific includes expedited Transpacific services from 中国 to the West Coast. 马特森的 中国 – 长滩 Express offers weekly service from Xiamen, Ningbo 和 Shanghai to Southern California.  Along 与 providing the fastest transit times 和 superior customer service, 马特森的 hallmark on-time arrivals, next-day cargo availability 和 seamless 联运连接Matson物流 have firmly established our Transpacific service as the premium choice in a field of global carriers in the trade.

马特森的 Mission: to move freight better than anyone

中超下注app的 business model is designed to provide superior service.  Dedicated terminal facilities 和 equipment allow us to dock, 卸载, reload 和 sail our vessels on schedule 与 industry-leading speed 和 reliability. An extensive fleet of owned chassis readily available throughout our network 和 superior tracking technology consistently enables the industry’s fastest truck turn times 和 cargo availability upon arrival. All of 马特森的 services are supported by experienced shipping professionals readily available by phone or email at our port locations or our 中超下注app服务 Center, as well as the latest technology providing customers 与 the tools they need to manage complex supply chains.  Online booking 和 billing, 电子支付, EDI transactions 和 shipment tracking all offer superior visibility, convenience 和 speed in delivering key shipment information.

中超下注app的 ocean shipping services are further strengthened by the vast transportation network of our subsidiary, Matson物流.  A leading provider of multimodal transportation services in North America, Matson物流 specializes in 国内international rail intermodal service长途运输和地区性运输 高速公路经纪, 供应链服务less-than-truck-load (LTL) transportation services.  It also offers comprehensive third-party logistics services that include 仓库, 分布, less-than-container-load (LCL) consolidationinternational freight forwarding.  Matson物流 serves a broad range of customers 和 industries 与 customized transportation solutions 和 award-winning customer service.

World Class 中超下注app服务

超过135年了, the foundation of our business has been 建 on a culture of people helping people 和 deep customer relationships.  We get satisfaction from being a trusted business partner, anticipating needs 和 delivering fast, convenient assistance tailored to every customer.  It’s why we have specialized 中超下注app服务 teams that offer expertise in various trades 和 commodities.  And why you’ll never have to deal 与 an automated voice response system when you call our 中超下注app服务 Center, where it takes less than six seconds on average to reach one of our seasoned shipping experts.  It’s also why our booking 和 billing accuracy hover around 99 percent, 85 percent of our billing requires no paperwork, 和 shipment corrections can be made instantly by phone.

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